2020 EPA Division 1 Fixtures/Results
Season 2020 Fixtures
EPA Division 1
Home Team   Result   Away Team
Monday 3 February 2020       Week 4
Connollys 4 V 8 Chiswick C
Coningham 6 V 6 Hammersmith A
The City Arms 7 V 5 The Stag
South Acton 7 V 5 Old City Arms A
Ashbourne B 8 V 4 The Orchard
Putney 8 V 4 Hammersmith D
Monday 10 February 2020       Week 5
Coningham    V   The City Arms
Hammersmith A   V   Connollys
Chiswick C   V   Putney Club
The Orchard   V   Hammersmith D
Old City Arms A   V   Ashbourne B
The Stag   V   South Acton
Monday 17 February 2020       Week 6
The Orchard   V   Chiswick C
Putney Club   V   Hammersmith A
Connollys   V   The City Arms
Coningham    V   The Stag
Ashbourne B   V   South Acton
Old City Arms A   V   Hammersmith D


Monday 2 March 2020       Week 7
Coningham   V   Connollys
Putney Club   V   The City Arms
The Orchard   V   Hammersmith A
Old City Arms A   V   Chiswick C
Hammersmith D   V   South Acton
The Stag   V   Ashbourne B



Monday 13 January 2020       Week 1
Chiswick C 10 V 2 Hammersmith A
The City Arms 6 V 6 Hammersmith D
Coningham  6 V 6 Ashbourne B
Connollys 4 V 8 South Acton
Putney Club 6 V 6 Old City Arms A
The Orchard 7 V 0 The Stag
Monday 20 January 2020       Week 2
The City Arms 2 V 10 Chiswick C
The Stag 8 V 4 Hammersmith A
The Orchard 5 V 7 Old City Arms A
South Acton 6 V 6 Putney Club
Ashbourne B 6 V 6 Connollys
Hammersmith D 8 V 4 Coningham 
Monday 27 January 2020       Week 3
Hammersmith A   V   The City Arms
Chiswick C   V   Coningham
Connollys   V   Hammersmith D
Putney Club   V   Ashbourne B
South Acton   V   The Orchard
Old City Arms A   V   The Stag