Season 2016 Tables
EPA Division 1
(Updated 31/10/2016)
(Including Week 16)
Ptn Team P Pts
1Clarence A1524
4White Horse A1519
5Ealing Ex-servicemens 1617
6The City Arms1615
7White Horse One1514
8Hammersmith LLL1612
9Acton Vale Club158
10Duke of York167

League Results

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Season 2016 Results
EPA Division 1
Home Team Result Away Team
Monday 7th November 2016 Team Plate Prelim
See Plate Page  
Monday 7th November 2016 Outstanding Game
White Horse AVClarence
Sunday 6th November 2016 Council Meeting
At Hammersmith Club  
Monday 31st October 2016 Week 17
The City ArmsVClarence
White Horse AVConnollys
ConinghamVEaling Ex-Servicemen
Hammersmith LLLVWhite Horse One
Duke of YorkVActon Vale Club
Monday 3rd October 2016 Week 16
White Horse One0 v 0Acton Vale Club
Coningham7 v 5Hammersmith LLL
Connollys7 v 5Ealing Ex-Servicemen
Clarence7 v 5White Horse A
The City Arms6 v 6Duke of York
Sunday 2nd October 2016 Council Meeting
At Hammersmith Club  
Monday 26th September 2016 Week 15
Clarence 7 v 5Ealing Ex-Servicemen
Hammersmith LLL5 v 7Connollys
Acton Vale Club5 v 7Coningham
Duke of York5 v 7White Horse One
White Horse A6 v 6The City Arms
Monday 19th September 2016 Week 14
Coningham5 v 7White Horse One
Connollys8 v 4Acton Vale Club
Clarence7 v 5Hammersmith LLL
The City Arms5 v 7Ealing Ex-Servicemen
White Horse A7 v 0Duke of York
Monday 12th September 2016 Week 13
Acton Vale Club4 v 8Clarence
White Horse One6 v 6Connollys
Duke of York2 v 10Coningham
Ealing Ex-Servicemen9 v 3White Horse A
Hammersmith LLL6 v 6The City Arms
Monday 5th September 2016 Week 12
Connollys6 v 6Coningham
Clarence8 v 4White Horse One
The City Arms6 v 6Acton Vale Club
White Horse A6 v 6Hammersmith LLL
Ealing Ex-Servicemen7 v 0Duke of York
Sunday 4th September 2016 Council Meeting
At Hammersmith Club 11 O'Clock  
Monday 29th August 2016 Bank Holiday
No games  
Monday 22nd August Week 11
Coningham4 v 8Clarence
Duke of York1 v 11Connollys
Hammersmith LLL4 v 8Ealing Ex-Servicemen
Acton Vale Club8 v 4White Horse A
White Horse One8 v 4The City Arms
Monday 15th August 2016 Week 10
Connollys6 v 6Clarence
The City Arms6 v 6Coningham
White Horse A3 V 9White Horse One
Ealing Ex-Servicemen10 V 2Acton Vale Club
Hammersmith LLL7 V 5Duke of York
Monday 1st August 2016 Week 9
Hammersmith LLL8 v 4Acton Vale Club
Ealing Ex-Servicemen7 v 5White Horse One
White Horse A8 v 4Coningham
The City Arms10 v 2Connollys
Duke of York7 v 5Clarence
Monday 25th July 2016 Week 8
Clarence6 v 6The City Arms
Connollys4 v 8White Horse A
Ealing Ex-Servicemen5 v 7Coningham
White Horse One4 v 8Hammersmith LLL
Acton Vale Club4 v 8Duke of York
Monday 18th July 2016 Week 7
Acton Vale Club7 v 5White Horse One
Hammersmith LLL3 v 9Coningham
Ealing Ex-Servicemen6 v 6Connollys
White Horse A0 v 0Clarence
Duke of York5 v 7The City Arms
Monday 11th July 2016 Week 6
Ealing Ex-Servicemen5 v 7Clarence
Connollys6 v 6Hammersmith LLL
Coningham10 v 2Acton Vale Club
White Horse One7 v 5Duke of York
The City Arms5 v 7White Horse A
Monday 4th July 2016 Week 5
White Horse One5 v 7Coningham
Acton Vale Club5 v 7Connollys
Hammersmith LLL5 v 7Clarence
Ealing Ex-Servicemen8 v 4The City Arms
Duke of York6 v 6White Horse A
Monday 13 June 2016 Week 4
Clarence 7 v 5Acton Vale Club
Connollys8 v 4White Horse One
Coningham7 v 0Duke of York
White Horse A9 v 3Ealing Ex-Servicemen
The City Arms10 v 2Hammersmith LLL
Friday 10 June 2016 Presentation Night
At Hammersmith Club  
Monday 6 June 2016 Week 3
Coningham6 v 6Connollys
White Horse One7 v 5Clarence
Acton Vale Club6 v 6The City Arms
Hammersmith LLL3 v 9White Horse A
Duke of York6 v 6Ealing Ex-Servicemen
Sunday 5th June 2016 Council Meeting
At Hammersmith Club 11 O'Clock  
Monday 30 May 2016 Bank Holiday
No Games  
Monday 23 May 2016 Week 2
Clarence9 v 3Coningham
Connollys10 v 2Duke of York
Ealing Ex-Servicemen6 v 6Hammersmith LLL
White Horse A7 v 5Old City Arms OO
The City Arms6 v 6White Horse One
Monday 16 May 2016 Week 1
Clarence11 v 1Connollys
Coningham6 v 6The City Arms
White Horse One4 v 8White Horse A
The Old City Arms OO8 v 4Ealing Ex-Servicemen
Duke of York5 v 7Hammersmith LLL