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Singles winner is Cat Polland (Posted 15/12/04)
Congratulations to Cat Polland from Clarence 'A' for winning the Singles Competition 2004.
Singles draw available (Posted 19/10/04)
The singles draw is now available in the fixtures and results area. Please read the guidelines before checking which heat you are in.
Team registration forms available (Posted 08/09/04)
Team registration forms for the new season starting in January 2005 are now available. These are to be returned at the very latest IN THE COUNCIL MEETING AT THE HOPE & ANCHOR ON SUNDAY 7 NOVEMBER 2004.
Division C fixtures rearranged (Posted 25/08/04)
Division C rearranged games have been juggled to take advantage of the VOID games. We can now finish the league within the season. Please see the rearranged document or the fixtures page for details.
Hawkesbrook drop out (Posted 18/08/04)
The Hawkesbrook Social Club are no longer in the league so all of their remaining fixtures are void.
Results delay (Posted 23/07/04)
The results for next week will not be available on the website until 3rd Aug, due to holidays.
Forms deadline (Posted 23/07/04)
Entry forms and fees for the Singles competition must be handed in by the next council meeting (Sun 5th Sept, 11am)
Duke of Cornwall drops out (Posted 20/07/04)
The Duke of Cornwall has withdrawn from the league without completing their fixtures for the first half of the season so all of their results have been expunged.
Map for venues (Posted 06/07/04)
A map has been added for each club. Could all captains please check the map is correct, as postcodes are sometimes vague.
Hawkesbrook closed (Posted 06/07/04)
The Hawkesbrook Social Club (Division C) is closed until further notice. All of their home games will be played at The Windmill.
Spare results cards (Posted 06/07/04)
Spare results cards are available at Chiswick Snooker Club (Contact Dom on 07876 791 217) and St. Augustine's Social Club (Check opening times in the contacts section).
Cup fixture delay (Posted 25/06/04)
The Cup fixtures have been delayed by 1 ROUND due to the Euro 2004 Football. Please check the cup fixtures section for full details.
Council meeting reminder (Posted 22/06/04)
All captains are reminded to attend the council meeting, which takes place on 4th July, 11am at the Windmill. Failure to attend this meeting without notifying the council will result in one point being deducted from your current score.
Hole in the Wall venue (Posted 08/06/04)
Due to the ongoing redecoration at the Hole in the Wall pub, both team are now playing home games at Chiswick Snooker & Pool Club.
Supplementary player form now available (Posted 03/06/04)
Supplementary player registration forms are now available from the important documents section on the front of the website. They are due back on 4th July at the meeting in the Windmill or before to Frank Hawton.
New number for fixture secretary (Posted 22/05/04)
Frank Hawton, fixture secretary, now has a new phone number and address. Address-58 Fulham Palace Road, London,W6 9PH. Phone-02088347251. Mobile-07941451592.
Week 10 results available (Posted 22/05/04)
Week 10 results are finally available. The webmaster took some holiday, so please accept my appologies for the late posting of the results.
New team at Chiswick Snooker Club (Posted 17/04/04)
Chiswick Snooker Club has formed a second team to fill the space in Division C. They are Chiswick Snooker "Wanderers". The current Chiswick Snooker team in Division B will now be known as Chiswick Snooker "Wasps". All teams have new fixtures. See fixtures section for details.
Cup fixtures for Round 2 available (Posted 18/03/04)
The Frank Reynolds Memorial Cup Round 1 results and Round 2 fixtures are now available.
Doubles winners are Granville Fowle and David Clarke (Posted 14/03/04)
Doubles competition results are on the site. Congratulations to Granville Fowle and David Clarke from Chiswick Snooker & Pool Club.
Presentation Dance - 2nd April (Posted 07/03/04)
Presentation Dance - 2nd April - Extra tickets are available on request, please contact Frank Hawton to order.
Hole in the Wall venue change (Posted 05/03/04)
Hole in the Wall pub is currently closed for redecoration so their "A" team will play home games at Chiswick Snooker & Pool Club & their "B" team will play home games at Acton Sports Club.
Amended result from 1st Mar (Posted 05/03/04)
Amended result from 1st Mar: Tommy Flynn's "B" (Hammersmith) 3 v 6 White Horse "A" in Division A.
Division C team details update: Hawkesbrook Social Club (Posted 21/02/04)
Division C team details update: Hawkesbrook Social Club
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Laurie Arms shut until 2nd March (Posted 21/02/04)
Laurie Arms shut until 2nd March so 1st home game (v Cowshed "B") postponed.
New teams in Division C (Posted 08/02/04)
The new teams have been registered and there is a revised fixtures list for Division C.
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Frank Reynolds Memorial Trophy results for 2003 available (Posted 06/02/04)
Frank Reynolds Memorial Trophy results for 2003 available.
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Presentation dance on 2nd April (Posted 06/02/04)
Presentation dance will now be be held at St. Augustine on 2nd April. Tickets in advance 4, on the door 5.
Brief minutes from the AGM on 1st Feb 2004 (Posted 02/02/04)

AGM venue changed to Oxford & Cambridge (Posted 22/01/04)
Due to Reconstruction work at the Finnegan's Wake, the AGM on 1st Feb 2004 will be held at a new venue. The AGM will now be held at the Oxford & Cambridge.