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French Tournament (Posted 26/12/06)
I am a member of the ABCB, an 8 pool association in Boulogne-sur-mer (France).
We will organize a tournament in May 12th and 13th 2007.
This tournament will decompose in two parts:
the first: a tournament by teams of two players the 12th May (entry fee: 10€ (or 7£) for both)
the second: an open the 13th May (entry fee:10€ (or 7£) per player) The first prize for the winner is 400€ (or 270 £) minimum. For the moment we don't have if the prize will be cash money or "vouchers" (we are open at your suggestions).
Many members of our association are owner of hotel or restaurant and it will be possible for you to enjoy low prices.
Furthermore, we envisage to create a free shuttle between the 8 pool room and your hotel and restaurant.
This tournament is a good opportunity to create links between your association and us.
We can envisage our players take part in a tournament you will organize.
We will be very happy to meet your association and your player in this tournament.
If you have questions, don't hesitate to contact me by mail: francois.lenglen@voila.fr
Mini League Conclusion 2006 (Posted 14/12/06)
Congratulations to Neil Brady for winning the conclusion night of the mini league. It was an exciting and nail-biting final.
Berkshire County Forum (Posted 07/12/06)
The Berkshire County now has a community forum. It works in the same way as the Hammersmith forum. Its the place to be for County Pool chat.
Mini league conclusion - 13/12/2006 (Posted 29/11/06)
As you all know by now that the mini league's last game will take place on 13th December. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your support during the last four months. In the view to express my "thank you", I would like to make the closing a bit more interesting and hold a single knockout competition.

Entry fee £5.00 per player. Winner 70%, runner-up 30% (and a drink to me on you..heeeee heeee). Format is best of 5, maximum entry 32 players. If any game spotted taken too long will be warned and timed according to the World 8-Ball time rule (60 seconds per visit), fail to play within the time allow is a "time foul" and will result in "ball in hand, two visits" to the opponents.

Top 10-scorers and anyone who scores over and above 50% will be entered first. No offence but anyone who play only 1 or 2 games (in our stats) in the last four months will only be entered if we have a space, sorry...

If anyone interested, please let me know via dominiquechiu@yahoo.co.uk

Closing date for entry is 11th December 2006 noon. Do hurry to register!!!

Ken Doherty at O'Donoghues Bar (Posted 17/11/06)
On Friday 24th November 2006 Ken Doherty will be appearing at O'Donoghue's Bar, Goldhawk Road, Shepherd's Bush. The evening will start at 7pm; Admission is £10.00 per ticket or £13.00 on the door.
Ken Doherty will be playing a few frames of pool and live entertainment provided for the remainder of the evening.
Ken's opponents on the night will be selected by raffle process. £2.00 per strip of raffle tickets and the draw to be made on the night. Try to be early to win the chance to play Ken and show some pool trickery!!!
Final League's tables (Posted 12/11/06)
To all members

I like to take this opportunity to apologise for the delay in publishing the final league tables for all divisions. This was due to teams not fulfilling their season's fixtures, including the final week of the season. This results in their expulsion from the league and their second half of the season's results being expunged from the tables. To ensure this was done accurately, each division had to be re-checked before posting. This had a detrimental effect on the 'A' Division to which an appeal was heard and time allowed for a second appeal to the Royal Berkshire County. A further explanation can be found by following the link news appeal-28-10-06.

Finally, on behalf of the committee I would like to congratulate all winners and to wish all teams every success in the 2007 season.

F. Callaghan
2007 Registration forms (Posted 2/11/06)
Please note all captains must ensure the 2007 team registration forms and fees are handed in no later than the 12th November at the council meeting in Duke Of Cornwall. Muchas gracias.
Presentation Dance (Posted 22/09/06)
Here are the details of this seasons presentation dance. A fun night to accept trophies and socialise with the whole league. 5 tickets have been allocated per team, contact a member of the committee to buy extra.
Venue: St. Augustine's Social Club
Date: 1st December 2006
Start Time: 7.30pm till late
Extra pre-booked ticket cost: £4.00 per ticket
Extra ticket sells at the door: £5.00 per ticket
Theme: DJ Disco, dance and raffle.
B division final score table available (Posted 26/10/06)
The B division final score table is now available. The A division and C division tables are still under investigation and we will keep you posted. The committee would like to extend our thanks for being patient with us during this process.
Cup Final (Posted 22/10/06)
The Cup Final has been postponed. A rearranged date will be published soon.
Ladies Tour 2007 (Posted 16/10/06)
The Ladies Tour 2007 consists of 5 top class pool tournaments with a total prize fund of £14,000! Click on the following links for the flier: PDF or WORD.
Week 25 Commentary (Posted 16/10/06)
There were some surprising results this week, although they do not effect the tables, notably in Division A defeat at home for Chiswick Wanderers and White Horse A to Leamington B and Windmill A respectively & in Division C Duke of Cornwall were whitewashed (at home) by St. Augustine's Tree.
The results mean it is all to play for in the last week of the season. Division A is between Leamington A and St. Augustine's B, (level on points), Division B is a 3 way fight O'Donoghue's A have finished on 36 points, the next 2 teams St. Augustine's A and White Horse B have 34 points and play each other in the final week. In Division C British Prince and Chiswick Dynamos cannot be separated both have 40 points and a frame difference of +55 with one game left.
2007 Team Registration (Posted 01/10/06)
The Team Registration form for the 2007 season starting 15th January is now available in the Important Documents section.
Rearranged Week Commentary (Posted 03/10/06)
Although there were only 7 games played last night it had a big impact on the leaders of each division.
In Division A Leamington A have gone back on top on frames difference from St. Augustine's B, both teams have 2 games left to play. In Division B the new leaders are O'Donoghue's A but they only have 1 game left to play while the teams following them, St. Augustine's A and White Horse B, have 2 games remaining. Meanwhile in Division C it is incredibly close with joint leaders British Prince and Chiswick Dynamos, with Shamrock Club only one point behind, all three teams have just 2 games remaining.
Singles Competition part 2 (Posted 01/10/06)
The draw has had some late entrants, which have filled some of the BYEs. Find the full details in the fixtures section.
Week 24 Commentary (Posted 01/10/06)
There were relatively easy wins this week in Division A for Chiswick Wanderers and St. Augustine's B both winning 8 - 1, but narrow wins (5 - 4) for Leamington A over Eleusis Social Club and Windmill B over George & Devonshire. This leaves the table unchanged with St. Augustine's B on 34 points with 2 games left and Leamington A on 32 points with 3 games left. There is a new leader in Division B thanks to White Horse B beating O'Donoghue's A (5 - 4) it means the new leaders are St. Augustine's A (on frames difference). Both St. Augustine's A and O'Donoghue's A have 2 games left to play while White Horse B are 2 points behind but with 3 games left. It is also tight at the top of Division C thanks to Chiswick Dynamos winning 5 - 4 at St. Augustine's Tree. This means that British Prince are on 38 points, Chiswick Dynamos on 36 points and Shamrock Club on 35 points all with 3 games left to play.
Singles Competition (Posted 26/09/06)
This years Singles Competition rules and draw are now available in the fixtures section. Please note the 4 heats will be held on 30th October and 6,13 & 20th November. The winning player from each heat will go forward to the "semi-finals and final" night held on 27th November.
Cup Semi-Finals Commentary (Posted 19/09/06)
There were the expected wins in The Frank Reynolds Memorial Trophy semi-finals for Leamington A, 5 - 3 over O'Donoghue's A and Windmill B, 5 - 4 over Shamrock Club.
In Division B Tournament had an easy 8 - 1 win over Norman Arms, while in Division C British Prince reinforced their position at the top of the league with a 5 - 4 win over St. Augustine's Tree.
Week 23 Commentary (Posted 18/09/06)
Very little changed in Division A with the exception that St. Augustine's B have regained the lead in the Division curtesy of an 8 - 1 win over Leamington B. In Division B the major gain was by Tournament who jumped two places thanks to a win over Tommy Flynn's (Chiswick). It is still very close in Division C with narrow wins for British Prince, Laurie Arms and Shamrock Club & comfortable wins for Chiswick Dynamos and St. Augustine's Tree.
Ladies pool players wanted (Posted 14/09/06)
Fancy playing for a no-jibber-jabber professional county team? Look no further, here is one you can potentially join. The Berkshire county is looking for ladies pool players who have at least 5-years previous open competitions experience who aren't shy to pocket their games. Contact the captain to discuss how you can qualify to play for us. Competitions opportunities are endless, some even involve prize money! Don't wait, call now (07920157721).
Week 22 Commentary (Posted 11/09/06)
Very little changed in Division A, only Windmill B moving above Chiswick Wasps all the other teams maintained their position. In Division B an away win by St. Augustine's A over O'Donoghue's B & by Tournament over White Horse B leaves the top 6 teams separated by only 6 points with O'Donoghue's A looking favourites to win. In Division C it is even tighter with 2 points covering the top 5 teams, British Prince (who lost at home to) Chiswick Dynamos, Shamrock Club, St. Augustine's Tree & Laurie Arms.
George & Devonshire (Posted 02/09/06)
The George & Devonshire, in Division A, will play their remaining home fixtures at Chiswick Snooker Club. Check the updated team details for the full information.
September Fixtures (Posted 25/08/06)
September fixtures are now available in the fixtures section. Please note that the 11th Sept is a League week and 18th Sept is the Cup Semi-Finals.
Amersham & District Tour (Posted 23/08/06)
Amersham & District Tour is a series of open pool tournaments taking place in the Amersham district. The poster is available: In PDF or In Word.
Mini-League Starts (Posted 07/08/06)
The wesite now has a Mini-League link, please click here or on the link on the left for full details.
Week 21 Commentary (Posted 07/08/06)
This has been a week of surprise results.
A major surprise in Division A when St. Augustine's B lost at home to George & Devonshire 4 - 5. This allowed Leamington A to regain top position. There were comfortable wins for Leamington A and Chiswick Wanderers, close wins for White Horse A and Windmill B. In Division B two surprise results, Norman Arms won against O'Donoghue's B and Tommy Flynn's (Chiswick) won away against Studio Bridge & Social Club. There were seemingly comfortable wins for O'Donoghue's A (the new leaders of the division) and Hole in the Wall. In Division C Chiswick Dynamos beat Laurie Arms 5 - 4 while the other main contenders for the division Duke of Cornwall, Shamrock Club, St. Augustine's Tree and British Prince all won.
The league is now taking its Summer break for August and restarts in September.
Cup Semi Final Draw (Posted 27/07/06)
The Frank Reynolds Memorial Cup Semi Final Draw is now available from the fixtures section. Good luck the the remaining teams.
World Rules Mini-League (Posted 27/07/06)
The Mini-Leauge will start on 7th August 2006. A meeting will be held in the Chiswick Snooker Club on 30th July at 11am. All interested teams / players should attend this meeting (including interested parties that are currently not registered with HND), where the format will be explained and registration will take place.
Week 20 Commentary (Posted 27/07/06)
There are new leaders of every Div this week.
In Division A St. Augustine's B are back on top after a convincing 7 - 2 win over Windmill B. In Division B the new leaders are White Horse B who followed up last weeks come back with another 'come from behind' 5 - 4 win over Hole in the Wall. O'Donoghue's B beat last weeks leaders O'Donoghue's A 7 - 2 (no love lost there!) enabling St. Augustine's A to go 2nd with an excellent away win 8 - 1 at Tournament. In Division C it is back to normal with British Prince on top over Laurie Arms who went down 5 - 4 at St. Augustine's Tree. There were wins for the other main contenders for this Division Chiswick Dynamos, Shamrock Club and Duke of Cornwall.
Week 19 Commentary (Posted 25/07/06)
It was definitely a week of close games with no fewer than 9 matches (out of 14) finishing 5 - 4.
There was little change in Division A but a special mention for Chiswick Wasps who were 4 - 0 down to Eleusis Social Club before staging a remarkable come back to win 5 - 4. Meanwhile George & Devonshire left their comeback too late, they were 5 - 0 down to Windmill A and eventually lost 5 - 4. St. Augustine's B also won 5 - 4 over Chiswick Wanderers who still can't believe the last shot of the night which saw St. Augustine's B captain get out of a snooker via 2 cushions to pot the black. In Division B the nearly 'top of the table' clash between O'Donoghue's B and White Horse B saw O'Donoghue's B go 4 - 1 up before eventually losing 5 - 4 to White Horse B. O'Donoghue's A had a comfortable 7 - 2 win over Studio Bridge & Social Club. Laurie Arms have gone back on top of Division C thanks to another 5 - 4 win over Shamrock Club. Duke of Cornwall missed the chance to overtake some of the leaders with a 5 - 4 loss to Queen Adelaide.
Denis Hyatt - A great loss (Posted 19/07/06)
Denis was the type of person that any league or association needed. "A larger than life Character" who was dedicated to the league he served so well for many years and so kind to me personally during all my health problems which restricted my league committee duties and later led to my resignation earlier this season.
The league have lost a "Big Man" and will find it hard to find another like him.
With all my respects.
John Bryant.
Denis Hyatt Funeral (Posted 13/07/06)
The funeral arrangement will now take place on Tuesday, 18th July 2006, 11am at the Mortlake Crementorium. Anyone who wishes to send flower arrangements should send them to Funeralcare Co-operative Furneral Service at 162 Kings Street, Hammersmith (020 8748 2982), no later than 9.30am on Tuesday, 18th July 2006.
Cup Round 4 Commentary (Posted 12/07/06)
Round 4 saw a very good win by Shamrock Club (Div C) over Chiswick Wanderers (away) and an equally good win by O'Donoghue's A (Div B) over Pig & Whistle. As expected the Windmill B and Leamington A both won over Laurie Arms (Div C) and Hole in the Wall (Div B) respectively. That leaves 2 from Div A, 1 from Div B and 1 from Div C still in the cup.
Brackenbury Arms (Posted 12/07/06)
Brackenbury Arms has withdrawn from the league after week 18; they have not completed their fixtures for the 2nd half of the season so those results have been expunged from Division B. They completed the 1st half of the season so those results are included in the Division B table.
Denis Hyatt (Posted 10/07/06)
It is with great sadness to inform all fellow members that our former treasurer has passed away on 7th July 2006.
The committee would like to extend their condolences to Denis' family for their great loss.
Chairman Frank Callaghan.
Week 18 Commentary (Posted 04/07/06)
In Division A Leamington A are back on top thanks to an 8 - 1 win over White Horse A while St. Augustine's B did not have a game. The other winners in this division were Leamington B, Eleusis Social Club, Chiswick Wasps and Windmill B. Division B saw the result of the week with Tommy Flynn's (Chiswick) beating the previous table leaders O'Donoghue's B 5 - 4. Good wins by White Horse B, Tournament, O'Donoghue's A and Hole in the Wall sees new leaders of the division in White Horse B but only 2 points separate the top 5 teams. No real change in Division C with leaders British Prince having a postponed game with Shamrock Club, the other teams in contention Laurie Arms, Chiswick Dynamos, St. Augustine's Tree and Duke of Cornwall all won.
Singles Entry (Posted 01/07/06)
The Singles Competition entry form is now available in the Documents section. They are to be returned (with entry fees) on (or before) Sunday 3 September 2006.
Week 17 Commentary (Posted 27/06/06)
The top of the table clash between St. Augustine's B and Leamington A resulted in a 7 - 2 win for St. Augustine's B, with Windmill B slipping up to White Horse A there is a 4 point gap between Leamington A, in 2nd place and Windmill B in 3rd place in Division A. White Horse B & Hole in the Wall both won 7 - 2 to make up two places to 2nd and 3rd in Division B, O'Donoghue's B are still top but O'Donoghue's A and St. Augustine's A did not play. Surprise defeats in Division C for Laurie Arms, at home to Orchard Tavern and Duke of Cornwall, away to Kent House Social Club, has left British Prince clear at the top.
Cup Final (Posted 27/06/06)
The Cup Final of the Frank Reynolds Memorial Cup will be held in St Augustine on 23rd October 2006.
July fixtures and Cup Round 4 draw (Posted 23/06/06)
The fixtures for July and the Frank Reynolds Memorial Cup Round 4 Draw are now available in the fixtures section.
Week 16 Commentary (Posted 21/06/06)
At last a week of surprises with both Leamington A and St. Augustine's B losing 4 - 5 to Windmill B and White Horse A respectively. Chiswick Wasps took advantage of the fact that Chiswick Wanderers were not playing to move above them in Division A. In Division B a win by Hole in the Wall over league leaders O'Donoghue's B has narrowed the gap at the top so that only 4 points separate the top 6 teams. It was back to normal in Division C with the top 6 teams all winning at home against teams from the bottom half of the table.
Cup Round 3 Commentary (Posted 13/06/06)
Laurie Arms and Shamrock Club are still there representing Div C having had good wins 5 - 2 and 5 - 3 against the Div A sides Chiswick Wasps and Leamington B respectively, while the Div B remaining teams are Hole in the Wall and O'Donoghue's A who won away against Div A George & Devonshire. The other teams winning were Leamington A, Pig & Whistle, Chiswick Wanderers and Windmill B.
Week 15 Commentary (Posted 21/06/06)
Pride of place in the A Division this week goes to Windmill A who won at Pig & Whistle and so moved off the bottom of the Division, there is no change at the top. In Division B O'Donoghue's B had a whitewash over Hope & Anchor but the significant game was won by O'Donoghue's A away at Tournament, which results in 4 teams on 20 points St. Augustine's A, O'Donoghue's A, White Horse B and Tournament with O'Donoghue's B 4 points clear at the top. No change in Division C with British Prince, Laurie Arms, Shamrock Club, Chiswick Dynamos and Duke of Cornwall all winning away from home. St. Augustine's Tree had there match postponed because Greyhound is temporarily closed.
Next Council Meeting (Posted 11/06/06)
The next council meeting is on 2nd July in the White Horse. This is extra to the original list at the start of the season. Please remember to attend and bring completed questionnaires for the mini-league.
Week 14 Commentary (Posted 24/05/06)
As the second half of the season got underway there were some interesting results this week.
In Division A Windmill B failed to take advantage of the fact the top 2 teams were not playing by losing at home to Chiswick Wanderers, there were also good wins by Chiswick Wasps, Cowshed, George & Devonshire and Leamington B but the only change in positions was a swopping of Chiswick Wasps and Eleusis Social Club. In Division B Tournament surprisingly lost at home to Duke of York and Tommy Flynn's (Chiswick) won their first game away at Brackenbury Arms. There were no other surprises and O'Donoghue's B are still top of the division. It is a case of all change at the top of Division C because the top 6 teams were all playing each other. Wins by British Prince over Laurie Arms, Chiswick Dynamos over Duke of Cornwall and Shamrock Club over St. Augustine's Tree has produced a new look to the table with British Prince on top for the first time but they are only 4 points in front of Duke of Cornwall in 6th place.
There will be no games next week due to the Bank Holiday.
Week 13a Commentary (Half way point of the League) (Posted 20/05/06)
In Division A the only movers were Chiswick Wasps who, by beating Eleusis Social Club, went above White Horse A. In Division B wins by both St. Augustine's A and White Horse B saw them move above Hole in the Wall. In Division C wins by British Prince, Shamrock Club & Kent House Social Club saw all three rise in the division.
By coincidence the leaders in Div A Leamington A & St. Augustine's B, in Div B O'Donoghue's B & Tournament and in Div C Laurie Arms & British Prince all have 20 points.
Week 13 Commentary (Posted 20/05/06)
There was very little change in Division A with wins for 5 of the top 6 teams, Leamington, St. Augustine's B, Windmill B, Chiswick Wanderers, and White Horse A. There was no game for the other team, Eleusis Social Club. In Division B the main loser was White Horse B who slipped 2 places due to St. Augustine's A beating them 5 - 4 and Hole in the Wall narrowly beating the much improved Studio Bridge & Social Club. In Division C it remains tight at the top with St. Augustine's Tree and British Prince both losing 6 - 3 away to Kent House and Queen Adelaide respectively. Duke of Cornwall not playing has let Laurie Arms regain top spot with a resounding 7 - 2 away win at Pump House (who are now playing home games at Clarence).
We reach halfway in the league next week with only 2 games in Div A, 2 games in Div B and 3 games in Div C.
Fixtures for June (Posted 20/05/06)
Fixtures for June are now available in the Fixtures Section.
Supplementary Player Registration (Posted 01/05/06)
The Supplimentary Player Registration forms are available in the Important Documents section. Please download them, print them off and hand in the completed form on or before the Council Meeting on 4th June in the Shamrock Club.
Week 12 Commentary (Posted 01/05/06)
In Division A Leamington A and St. Augustine's B have opened up a 6 point gap at the top of the table which will take a bit of closing although Windmill B have a game in hand. The top of the table clash in Division B saw O'Donoghue's B victorious over Tournament 5 - 4 while O'Donoghue's A won at Tommy Flynn's to keep up the pressure. Thanks to St. Augustine's Tree 7 - 2 win over last weeks leaders Duke of Cornwall there are now 4 teams level on points at the top of Division C, the 2 already mentioned plus Laurie Arms and British Prince (who have a game in hand).
World Rules Mini-League (Posted 01/05/06)
We have created a questionnaire to gauge the interest in a World Rules Mini-League. Please take the time to fill this in via the blue cirle link at the top left of this page and submit the results online.
County Affiliation (Posted 24/04/06)
As of 20th April, The Hammersmith and Districts Pool League has affiliated with the Royal Berkshire Pool Association. This is a great opportunity for our league to rise to the challenges of County level pool. Berkshire is one of the counties in Region 7 of the EPA. As an affiliated League, we will have the opportunity to play in Berkshire organised tournaments and County level events. For more information see www.region7pool.com and www.epa.org.uk.
Week 11 Commentary (Posted 14/04/06)
The only movement in Division A was by the White Horse A who leapt up 3 places by beating Leamington B. Leamington A and St. Augustine's B each has a four point gap over Eleusis Social Club. In Division B O'Donoghue's B are back on the top (on frames difference) thanks to a 0 - 9 win over Duke of York while Tournament only beat Brackenbury Arms 7 - 2. In Division C it is a case of 'all change' with Duke of Cornwall on the top closely followed by St. Augustine's Tree, British Prince (who have a game in hand) and Laurie Arms.
Week 10 Commentary (Posted 04/04/06)
Another good win by Windmill B, this time at Eleusis Social Club, and an equally good win by George & Devonshire over Chiswick Wanderers sees St. Augustine's B regaining second spot in Division A. In Division B some real shock results including O'Donoghue's B losing at home to Studio Bridge & Social Club, this has meant Tournament go top of the Division. In Division C a defeat for Duke of Cornwall at British Prince and a win for St. Augustine's Tree over Ravenscourt Arms sees St. Augustine's Tree as the new leaders of the Division. Result of the Week must be Wilton Arms losing at 1 - 8 to Greyhound.
Forum (Posted 29/03/06)
A Message Forum has now been created for you, where you can give us feedback regarding your matches and discuss topics relating to the League. In order to ensure the forum stays a friendly place for everyone, you need to agree to our guidelines and register.
Pump House venue change in Division C (Posted 28/03/06)
As from Week 9 Pump House are playing home matches at Clarence.
Week 9 Commentary (Posted 28/03/06)
In Division A Windmill B are beginning to show their true form after a very slow start to the season. Meanwhile the top 3 teams all won 5 - 4. In Division B a good win by Tournament over top of the table White Horse B and an equally good win by O'Donoghue's B at St. Augustine's A has meant O'Donoghue's B are the new leaders of the division. Division C saw Duke of Cornwall come back from 1 - 3 down to win 5 - 4 over Laurie Arms while Joanna Combes must be inspiring St. Augustine's Tree. A good 2 - 7 win by British Prince at Chiswick Dynamos sees them keeping the pressure on the teams above them.
Week 8 Commentary (Posted 22/03/06)
No surprises this week in Division A with the top 4 teams all winning. In Division B good wins by Tournament away to Hole in the Wall, O'Donoghue's A away to Princess Victoria and Studio Bridge & Social Club also won away to Tommy Flynn's (Chiswick). In Division C Duke of Cornwall are the new leaders thanks to Chiswick Dynamos winning at Laurie Arms, there were also convincing wins for British Prince, St. Augustine's Tree and Kent House Social Club.
Old Bull & Bush (Posted 20/03/06)
The Old Bull & Bush have withdrawn from the league with immediate effect. This means their remaining fixtures will be a void and all their results removed from the League.
Cup Round 2 Commentary (Posted 14/03/06)
There were several surprise results the most noticeable being Shamrock Club (Div C) beating high flying St. Augustine's B (Div A). Other teams from lower Divisions winning were O'Donoghue's B (Div B) beating White Horse A (Div A), Wilton Arms (Div C) beating Brackenbury Arms (Div B) while Greyhound (Div C) took Windmill B (Div A) to the last game before losing 5 - 4.
Week 7 Commentary (Posted 7/03/06)
There are no longer any unbeaten teams, St. Augustine's B went down 4 - 5 at home to Windmill B in Division A and in Division C Laurie Arms also lost at home 4 - 5 to "Joanna's Babies" otherwise known as St. Augustine's Tree. In Division B the top of the table clash between Hole in the Wall and White Horse B resulted in a narrow win for White Horse B. There were good away wins for George & Devonshire and Shamrock Club at Leamington B and Wilton Arms respectively.
Tommy Flynns Hammersmith (Posted 5/03/06)
Tommy Flynn’s Hammersmith team is renamed to Brackenbury Arms and playing their home games there. Check out the Division B team details for the new venue.
Week 6 Commentary (Posted 28/02/06)
After just 6 weeks there are only two unbeaten teams in the league, St. Augustine's B in Division A and Laurie Arms in Division C. In Division B Tournament lost at home 1 - 8 to Norman Arms and O'Donoghue's B lost to (the new leaders of the Division) White Horse B. In Division C there were surprise defeats at home for Chiswick Dynamos and St. Augustine's Tree which allowed Duke of Cornwall to go clear in 2nd place.
Week 5 Commentary (Posted 21/02/06)
Some surprising results this week. Notably Chiswick Wasps losing at home to George & Devonshire, Windmill A beating Windmill B in Division A and O'Donoghue's A winning at St. Augustine's A in Division B. The only remaining unbeaten teams are St. Augustine's B in Div A, O'Donoghue's B and Tournament in Div B, and Laurie Arms in Division C.
Fixtures (Posted 17/02/06)
March League Fixtures and Cup Round 2 Fixtures are now available from the Fixtures & Results Section.
Tommy Flynn's (Hammersmith) (Posted 17/02/06)
Until further notice Tommy Flynn's (Hammersmith) are playing their home games at St. Augustine's
Cup Round 1 Commentary (Posted 14/02/06)
There were no real surprise results with the home team winning each time apart from Queen Adelaide (Div C) who narrowly lost at home to Hole in the Wall (Div B).
There was also one game played in Division B, this saw O'Donoghue's B maintain their 100% record and go back to the top of the division.
Laurie Arms B team moved (Posted 09/02/06)
Please note that Laurie Arms B (ex Hampshire A) are now playing at the Windmill and will be known as Windmill B.
Week 4 Commentary (Posted 09/02/06)
St. Augustine's B are the only remaining team in Division A with a 100% record after they managed to beat Leamington A and Chiswick Wanderers beat Chiswick Wasps. In Division B it is different with O'Donoghue's B, St. Augustine's A & Tournament all unbeaten but with games in hand over the leaders White Horse B. In Division C Laurie Arms are the team to beat with a 100% record to date.
Week 3 Commentary (Posted 31/01/06)
In Division A only Chiswick Wasps, St. Augustine's B & Leamington A remain unbeaten after just 3 matches. Division B is the same with only O'Donoghue's B, St. Augustine's A & Tournament with 100% records, while Division C sees only Laurie Arms A & Queen Adelaide unbeaten. Team of the week must be St. Augustine's A who returned from skiing to win 9 - 0.
Week 2 Commentary (Posted 25/01/06)
A very close match in Division A between Leamington A & Chiswick Wanderers resulted in a 5 - 4 win for Leamington A after Wanderers just failed to pot the black ball in the final frame. Elsewhere there were good wins for White Horse A & Pig & Whistle in Div A, Hole in the Wall & O'Donoghue's in Division B & Chiswick Dynamos in Division C.
Division B (Posted 25/01/06)
Acton Sports Club have withdrawn from the league. All Division B Captains should re-check the fixtures.
Cup Round 1 (Posted 25/01/06)
Round 1 of the Frank Reynolds Memorial Cup will begin on Feb 13th. The draw is now available in the fixtures section.
Week 1 Commentary (Posted 25/01/06)
There are several name changes this year Clarence are now playing as Leamington B, Hampshire A has become Laurie Arms B, Hampshire B has become Hope & Anchor, Pear Tree A & B have become St. Augustine's A & Tree respectively, Tommy Flynn's B (Hammersmith) has become George & Devonshire and Hope & Anchor has become O'Donoghue's B.
Unfortunately all 3 promoted teams lost in Division A but in Division B there wins for newly promoted Tournament & St. Augustine's A. In Division C all the new teams lost. Laurie Arms A, who just missed promotion last year, got off to the best start with a resounding 8 - 1 win.
New Team in Division C (Posted 12/01/06)
The British Prince has joined the League, which fills the BYE in Division C. Please see the Teams Details Section for their location and the Fixtures section for the updated fixtures.
January Fixtures (Posted 04/01/06)
Happy new year everyone and good luck in the new season. The provisional fixtures for January are now available in the Fixtures & Results section. For confirmation, please attend the AGM.