Bill Jerome Honorary Life President Bill Jerome Laurie Arms B
Used to play for the Hope & Anchor and now playing out at the Laurie Arms.
Paul Forknall Chairman John Hourigan Egerton
Frank Callaghan Vice Chairman Frank Callaghan Duke of Cornwall 'B'
John Barry Treasurer John Barry O'Donoghue's 'C'
I joined the committee in January 2006. I aim to facilitate the League in all financial related matters.
Steve McManus General Secretary Steve McManus Hammersmith Club Sands
Sue Fletcher Fixture & Competition Secretary Sue Fletcher Live & Let Live
Paul Forknall Divisional Representative Paul Forknall Laurie Arms 'B'
Chris Lewis Divisional Representative Chris Lewis Duke of Cornwall 'B'
Lee Brydon Divisional Representative Lee Brydon Hammersmith Club C
Les Creaven Divisional Representative Les Creaven Windmill 'B'
Paul O'Connor Divisional Representative Paul O'Connor O'Donoghue's 'B'
Chris Tan Divisional Representative Chris Tan O'Donoghue's 'A'
Andie Fletcher Divisional Representative Andie Fletcher Live & Let Live
Martin Currie Divisional Representative Martin Currie Clarence A
Everton Daniels Divisional Representative Everton Daniels Hammersmith Club A
Marguerite Lewis   Marguerite Lewis Unattached
I have been on the committee for the League for over 10 years. I look after the printing administration of the League.