Presentation Night 2007

The Trophy Table

A' Division Team Trophy with Winners and Runners-up Trophies

B' Division Winners Trophies

B' Division Runners-up Trophies

C' Division Winners Trophies

C' Division Runners-up Trophies

Frank Reynolds KO Cup Winners Trophies

Denis Hyatt Memorial KO Team Plate

Denis Hyatt Memorial Plate KO Team Trophy & Winners Plates

Singles & Doubles competitions Winners & Runners-up Trophies

Doubles Winners & Runners-up Trophies

Players' Player of the Year Awards, sponsored by 'South West Trains'

Players' Player of the Year Awards, sponsored by 'South West Trains'

Captain's Competition Winner and Runner up trophies, plus 'Golden keyboard' trophy, right.

A' Division Winners - Leamington 'A'

B' Division Winners - Cowshed.

B' Division Runners up - Chiswick Dynamos.

C' Division Winners - Wilton Arms.

C' Division Runners up - Duke of Cornwall.

Frank Reynolds KO Cup Winners - Chiswick Dynamos.

Windmill 'B' Winners of the 'Denis Hyatt' Memorial Plate.

Maurice Sheehan - St. Augustine's 'B', right, receiving the Singles Competition Winners trophy for the fourth time.

Neil Brady - Windmill 'B', right, receiving his Singles Competition Runner-up trophy.

Mick Beagan - Leamington 'A', receiving his cash award as Singles Semi-Finalist.

Nick D'imperio - Windmill 'B', receiving, on behalf of Giuseppe, his cash award as Singles Semi-Finalist.

Bob Love, left and Hughie Sutherland, right, both Leamington 'A', with their Doubles Competition Winners Trophies.

Jerry O'Donoghue, sponsor of the League, presenting Tony Habib and Michael O'Malley - Cowshed, with their Doubles Runners-up trophies.

Stan Fernandez - Leamington 'A', receiving his Captain's Competition Winner trophy.

Chris Tan - Riley West 12, receving his Captain's Competition Runner-up trophy.

Frank Callaghan, Chairman, announcing the Players' Player of the Year Awards.

Tim Joyce - Orchard Tavern 'B', left, receiving his Players' Player of the Year Award.

Paul Forknall - Orchard Tavern 'A', right, receiving his Players' Player of the award from Frank Callaghan, Chairman.

Pat Quinn - St. Augustine's 'B', right, receiving his Players' Player of the Year Award.

Les Creaven - Leamington 'B', right, with his 'Golden Keyboard' award.

Jerry O'Donoghue, Sponsor of the League, delivering a thank you speech.

Jerry O'Donoghue, left, with the League's Treasurer, John Barry.

A Selection of photos taken on the night

League General Secretary - Joanna Combes

Present and Past Singles Champions, Mo Sheehan, left and Tom Beagan, right, enjoying a joke.

Mark Beagan - Leamington 'A', left having a chat with Mushe Lewis - St. Augustine's.

Hughie Sutherland, one half of the Doubles winners, enjoying a sup.

Some of the attendees on the night enjoying themselves.

The Vice-Chairman, John Hourigan enjoying a dance with Joanna Combes, League Secretary.

Members of the League's committee along with Jerry O'Donoghue, second left and Damian Brennan, second right, of O'Donoghue's.

Cowshed boys having a laugh.

Not quite the doubles pairing that Colin Maher, Cowshed, had in mind.

A contigent from St. Augustine's 'B' team. Thirsty work Mo!!